Receive 20 € for each person

referred who books a car

in Italy

*Registration is only valid until 30/09/23!

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Auting connects people who need a car in Italy for a short time with people who own one!

Receive 20 € in Amazon vouchers for each friend who books a trip under your invitation.

Why recommend Auting for holiday travel?

It is the owners who set the booking price. Included in the price are 150 km per day of booking, premium insurance and premium roadside assistance.

(you won’t have to worry about anything). Clear clauses and no surprises. Full insurance* is included in the booking price.

With Auting a credit card is not mandatory, you can also pay with a prepaid card.

Should you have a problem, we will find a replacement service that meets your expectations.

We do not require the Driver to pay a security deposit.

A security deposit is only required if you decide to book a Professional Owner’s car, the necessary information is indicated on the car’s page.

The insurance package is included in the final cost of the booking, for the Driver there is a 500,00€ deductible applied in case of car damage, accident and theft.

On Auting you can find many types of cars to suit your needs.

You have the possibility to cancel your reservation without charge up to 24 hours before use.

How does the ‘Invite a Friend’ programme work?

The ‘Invite a Friend’ programme awards a voucher to every user who, via the link generated by the form on this page, successfully invites a person to make a booking as a Driver. The voucher consists of a 20 € Amazon voucher and it is cumulative for the number of people who have converted the invitation. The voucher is released at the end of the programme.

Enter your first name, last name and email address in the form on this page. You will immediately receive an invitation link to your email to send to your friends.

You will not receive persistent e-mails or spam. We have the utmost respect for your data and privacy.
You will only receive a link that you can send to your friends.

You will receive 20 € in Amazon vouchers for each person who has booked and completed a trip via the link you will receive by e-mail. You will receive the link following registration on the form on this page. The bonus will be paid out at the end of the programme (30/09/2023).

We reserve the right to decline an application for any reason, and the following are the minimum eligibility requirements:

– Register on the site under your true identity and provide your residential address;

– Understand that the information included in these pages is the reference information for Reale Mutua temporary insurance;

– Be at least 21 years old and have had your driving licence for at least 3 years;

– Have a driving licence valid in Italy or obtained in a European Union country;

– Understand that you are responsible during the trip, and that you are liable to pay up to a maximum of €500.00 deductible in the event of an accident and damage through your own fault;

– Have a valid means of payment for the reservation;

– Understand that you authorise Auting to charge the method of payment used at the time of booking in the event of extra expenses incurred by you during the trip and reported by the Owner via the website, only after verification and assessment by our customer service department;

– Understand that you are responsible for all contraventions incurred during the trip and all extra expenses associated with the trip;

– Have provided a telephone number at which he/she can be reached;

– Not having created more than one User Area on the Site.

From the time the Owner accepts your booking request you have 48 hours to make payment via your credit card on the Auting website.

A booking accepted by the Owner but not paid for by the Driver expires 2 hours before the trip start time set during the booking process.

The receipt for the trip will be issued on the date of completion of the service, i.e. 48 hours after the end of the trip or after resolution of any dispute by customer service.

The payment includes a 5% commission fee, which helps to pay insurance and service charges.

In the event of additional amounts to be paid in connection with a trip (fines, missing petrol, penalties, etc.), which have been verified and certified, you authorise us to charge the amount due to the payment method you used when booking.

Payment for the booking can be made by any type of card (credit, debit or prepaid) on the Auting site.

It depends on the response time of the owner (car owner) and the approval time of the documents requested during user registration (usually 24 hours on weekdays).

Use this form to get the link to invite friends!

I consent to the processing of my data in accordance withPrivacy Policy




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