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Peer-to-peer Car Sharing in Palermo: Your Ideal Car to Travel in and around the City

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Welcome to vibrant Palermo, where urban mobility meets innovation through peer-to-peer car sharing. This mode is revolutionizing the way residents and visitors get around the city, offering a flexible, affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional car rental in Palermo. Palermo, with its bustling streets, historic monuments and breathtaking landscapes, thus becomes a perfect example of how there is a new way to facilitate travel, enriching one’s travel experience. But what exactly is peer-to-peer car sharing?

Long entered the habits of foreign nationals since 2017 also exists in italy. Peer-to-peer car sharing is the sharing by a private citizen of his or her vehicle with those who need it, for an hour or several days in exchange for a fee. Car registration by the owner and booking by the traveler take place on Auting’s website or the Auting’s app. Learn more about how it works, you will find that Auting in partnership with the insurance company Reale Mutua protects sharing with a comprehensive insurance. You will also find that this mode has multiple positives. For example, compared to car rental in Palermo, it has cheaper prices, especially in the high season. Another good thing is that cars can be found everywhere, without restriction in areas such as the most popular car sharing, you can find the car around you whether you are in downtown Palermo, in the suburbs or in Catania or in Trapani. Last but not least this mode is sustainable compared to other wheeled transportation, in fact with this mode you use existing resources by reducing the number of cars on the road. You thus contribute to city and parking congestion relief. Whether you are a tourist eager to explore every corner of this enchanting city or a resident looking for a more practical and sustainable mobility solution, Auting is the key to a new era of travel in Palermo. Embark on this journey with us and discover how peer-to-peer car sharing can become your ideal ally on the streets of Palermo.

Explore Palermo with Ease: Your Guide to Car Sharing with Auting

Peer-to-peer car sharing with Auting in Palermo offers a dynamic and flexible way to explore this fascinating Sicilian city. Choosing the right area to begin your journey is critical to an optimal experience. Here are the most practical areas for taking a car with Auting in Palermo.

Old Town: Starting in the heart of Palermo is ideal for those who wish to explore the beauty of the center on foot and then use the car for more distant destinations. The area is well served by Auting, offering a wide choice of vehicles.

Politeama and Freedom: This area, known for its elegant theater and tree-lined boulevards, is a great place to start. Here, you will find a good concentration of available cars, ideal for starting a tour of the city and surrounding areas.

Mondello and Sferracavallo: If your interest is exploring Palermo’s famous beaches, starting at Mondello or Sferracavallo can be very practical. Thanks to private car sharing you can travel to areas not easily accessible by Palermo’s public transportation.

Central Station and Via Roma: For those arriving in Palermo by train, car sharing in Palermo Centrale is the most strategic solution. With good car availability, it allows people to get off the train and leave immediately for their destination by car.

Kalsa and Foro Italico: These historic areas offer a special charm. In particular, it allows for a car sharing solution at the Port of Palermo for those arriving by ferry.

Sicilian Region Avenue: This main artery connects different parts of the city. Taking a car in this area is practical for those who want to move quickly between different parts of Palermo.

  1. Marina Square and Cove: This maritime area is perfect for those who want to start their tour near the sea and then move on to the old town or other neighborhoods.
  1. Castellammare and Cape Market: Starting in these lively and popular areas gives you an authentic experience of Palermo. With Auting, you can easily find a car here and then head to other attractions.
  1. Falcone Borsellino Airport: For visitors arriving in Palermo by plane, the car sharing solution at Falcone Borsellino Airport is perfect. This facilitates all travelers who need to go to the center of Palermo but also set off on trips to other parts of Sicily.

Choosing the right area to start your car sharing journey in Palermo can greatly enhance your experience in the city. With Auting, you have the flexibility to start from different neighborhoods, discovering Palermo and its beauty at your leisure.

What to do in Palermo?

Visiting Palermo, with its rich history and culture, offers an unforgettable experience. Here are some must-do activities for a complete visit.

  1. Exploring Palermo Cathedral: This magnificent example of Norman, Arab and Gothic architecture is a must-see for every visitor. The cathedral houses royal tombs and beautiful mosaics.
  2. 2. Visit to the Norman Palace and Palatine Chapel: The palace, once the seat of the kings of Sicily, is famous for its Palatine Chapel, a masterpiece of Byzantine art with gilded mosaics and a carved wooden ceiling.
  3. 3. Walk through the Historic Markets: Palermo is famous for its lively markets such as Ballarò and Vucciria. Here you can enjoy true Palermo cuisine and experience the city’s unique atmosphere.
  1. 4. Visit to the Teatro Massimo: The Teatro Massimo, one of the largest opera houses in Europe, is an architectural gem. It is worth booking a guided tour or attending a performance.
  1. 5. Admire the Quattro Canti: This Baroque intersection, officially known as Piazza Vigliena, is an outstanding example of 17th-century urban architecture.
  1. 6. Discover the Churches of La Martorana and San Cataldo: These two churches, overlooking Piazza Bellini, are famous for their interiors decorated with beautiful Byzantine mosaics.
  1. 7. Climb up Monte Pellegrino: For a panoramic view of the city and the sea, a trip to Monte Pellegrino is a good choice. The shrine of Santa Rosalia, patron saint of Palermo, is also located here.
  1. 8. Relax on the Beaches: Nearby beaches, such as Mondello, offer a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city, with crystal clear waters and golden sand.
  1. 9. Savoring Local Cuisine: Typical Palermo dishes, such as arancini, panelle, caponata and cannoli, are a treat for the palate.
  1. 10. Visit the Garibaldi Garden in Piazza Marina: This historic park is famous for its giant Ficus magnolioides trees, some of the largest in Europe.
  1. 11. Explore the Capuchin Catacombs: This unique site houses thousands of mummies, offering an unusual historical perspective on the city.
  1. 12. Enjoying the Botanical Garden: Palermo’s Botanical Garden is one of the most important in Europe, with a vast collection of tropical and subtropical plants.

Palermo, with its mix of cultures, history and gastronomy, offers a rich and varied experience. Every corner of the city tells a story, making each visit a unique and unforgettable adventure.

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All-Inclusive Insurance Coverages

Insurance coverages

Damage, theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster, crystal, malus reimbursement.

Driver Excess

From €0, full coverage included in the booking fee, up to a maximum of €500.

Driver Assistance

Cab service, return train/airplane ticket or overnight stay included.

Owner Assistance

Car transport service to the nearest affiliated body shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Auting connects those who need a car for a short time (Driver) with those who have a little-used car they want to make available (Owner).

You can sign up using your Facebook account or by using your e-mail. Once you have created your account and verified your identity through your cell phone number, you can make your car available. You will not be able to enter other people’s data or your account will be deleted and you will not be covered by insurance. In the case of couples or households, each person must have his or her own personal account.

Vehicles must mandatorily have all of the following requirements:

  • Code Own Use (short/long-term rental or leased cars are not accepted unless specifically authorized by the long-term renter) weighing less than 3.5 T, which can carry a maximum of 9 persons and less than 13 cubic meters total volume. RVs are not accepted.

  • Registration in Italy within 15 years including the current year;

  • Insurance with the mandatory coverages under the law Motor Vehicle Liability with free driving;

  • Review of DMV offices in good standing.

Auting connects individuals looking for a car (Driver) and those who make their cars available (Owner) for free and in a verified manner. How does enrollment and verification take place?

Membership in Auting is free of charge. The platform offers an enrollment option with no hidden costs, providing easy and convenient access for Drivers and Owners.

Membership on Auting is free and verified. The platform adopts verification procedures to ensure that it is a safe and reliable environment for all users, providing a worry-free experience for both Driver and Owner.

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