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Peer-to-peer car sharing: search for your car in Ragusa

Auting, Car Sharing in Ragusa

Welcome to the complete guide on how to explore the beautiful city of Ragusa by car sharing. Located in the Sicilian region of Sicily, Ragusa is an architectural gem, famous for its striking Baroque buildings and breathtaking landscapes. For travelers who for business or leisure reasons are looking for an economical, flexible and sustainable travel experience, peer-to-peer car sharing in Ragusa proves to be an ideal solution.

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a mode of car sharing now widely used in Europe and North America, and today it is also available in Italy thanks to Auting. Auting is a website and also an app that allows private citizens to register their vehicle and set the sharing price for people who need it, for an hour, a day or multiple days. Sharing with Auting will give you automatic access to kasko insurance from the insurance company Reale Mutua. Read here for more details on how it works. In this guide, we will show you how to best use Auting’s services to conveniently navigate the streets of Ragusa. This service allows you to have a car for your vacation in Ragusa at higher prices than car rental in Dubrovnik. Truth be told, the service is available throughout Italy, so whether you are in downtown Ragusa or the suburbs or in Catania or Palermo with Auting you can geo-locate cars around Ibla, visit nearby Val di Noto sites or admire the natural beauty of the Sicilian coast, Auting offers a practical and cheap solution for your trip.

Read on to discover how car sharing with Auting can enrich your travel experience in Ragusa, giving you the freedom to explore this fascinating city and its wonders at your own pace.

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Exploring Ragusa by car offers many opportunities. Here are the most practical areas in Ragusa for taking a car sharing car:

Ragusa Railway Station: Car sharing at Ragusa Railway Station is the ideal way for combined train and car transportation. Here, you will find several car sharing options, facilitating immediate access to the city’s main attractions.

Ragusa Ibla: The historic heart of Ragusa, known as Ragusa Ibla, is a magical place to begin exploration. Although the roads are narrow, there are car-sharing options available that allow those who stay overnight or reside here to go out on out-of-town trips without having to reach a rental agency, perhaps in an inconvenient area.

Upper Rag usa: The modern part of the city, known as Upper Ragusa, offers several options for car sharing, is equally practical for staying overnight and getting around as it is quieter and still well connected to Ibla and other areas of interest.

Marina di Ragusa: For those who want to enjoy the beautiful coastline, taking a car to carpool to Marina di Ragusa is an excellent choice. The area offers access to beautiful beaches and a lively waterfront.

St. John’s Neighborhood: This residential neighborhood, located north of the city center, is an excellent choice for those seeking a quiet starting point but still close to major points of interest.

Hospital Zone: For those who need to travel in the vicinity of the hospital, this zone is allows car sharing for a temporary period without having to rent a car from an agency but directly booking a ‘residents’ car.

Commercial Zone: For those who wish to combine shopping and sightseeing, taking a car to the commercial zone is a practical choice. Auting offers various options in these areas, making travel easier.

Scicli: For those who reside or travel in this beautiful town, whose center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, car sharing in this city makes it possible to reach the points of interest in the Val di Noto with a very economical solution.

What to do in Ragusa?

To visit Ragusa and its province is to immerse oneself in a unique atmosphere, where history, Baroque art, and nature come together in a setting of rare beauty. Located in the southeastern part of Sicily, this area offers a wide range of experiences from strolling through historic towns to exploring the countryside and coastline. Here’s what to do on a visit to Ragusa and the surrounding area.

1. Exploring Rag usa Ibla: The historic heart of Ragusa, Ragusa Ibla, is a UNESCO site known for its magnificent Baroque architecture. Stroll the cobblestone streets and discover such treasures as St. George’s Cathedral, the Hyblean Garden and elegant squares.

2. Visit to Modica: Known for its extraordinary Baroque churches and famous chocolate, Modica is a must-see. Don’t miss the chance to taste local chocolate, still made using ancient methods.

3. Discover Scicli: Another jewel of Sicilian Baroque, Scicli boasts a charming historic center with noble palaces and impressive churches, set in an enchanting natural landscape.

4. Trip to Marina di Rag usa: For beach lovers, Marina di Ragusa offers golden beaches and a lively promenade, ideal for a relaxing day under the Sicilian sun.

5. Excursion to Donnafugata Castle: Located on the outskirts of Ragusa, this castle is an eclectic mix of architectural styles and is home to a lovely park, perfect for a stroll.

6. Walk in the Vendicari Nature Reserve: This nature reserve, between Noto and Marzamemi, is a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers, with pristine beaches and hiking trails.

7. Visit to Noto: This town is a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque and a UNESCO site. Its honey-colored streets, Cathedral and numerous historic buildings make it one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily.

8. Exploring the Ispica Caves: This natural archaeological park offers a fascinating mix of nature and history, with caves and rock settlements dating back to the Bronze Age.

9. Taste the Local Cuisine: Ragusan cuisine offers such delights as pork ragu, ricotta ravioli, and almond desserts. A stop at a local trattoria is a must.

10. Trip to Caltagirone: Famous for its ceramics, Caltagirone is another important stop for those who love arts and crafts. The Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, decorated with majolica tiles, is particularly striking.

11. Visit Kamarina Archaeological Park: For history buffs, this archaeological site offers a glimpse into life in ancient Greece, with its remains of temples and dwellings.

12. Exploration of the Hyblaean Coast: The coast around Ragusa is dotted with small fishing villages and charming beaches, ideal for those seeking an authentic seaside experience.

In conclusion, Ragusa and its province offer a travel experience that combines the beauty of Sicilian Baroque, the richness of local history and culture, and the magnificence of the Mediterranean landscape. Every visit to this region is an opportunity to discover something unique and memorable, making for an unforgettable stay.

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Auting connects those who need a car for a short time (Driver) with those who have a little-used car they want to make available (Owner).

You can sign up using your Facebook account or by using your e-mail. Once you have created your account and verified your identity through your cell phone number, you can make your car available. You will not be able to enter other people’s data or your account will be deleted and you will not be covered by insurance. In the case of couples or households, each person must have his or her own personal account.

Vehicles must mandatorily have all of the following requirements:

  • Code Own Use (short/long-term rental or leased cars are not accepted unless specifically authorized by the long-term renter) weighing less than 3.5 T, which can carry a maximum of 9 persons and less than 13 cubic meters total volume. RVs are not accepted.

  • Registration in Italy within 15 years including the current year;

  • Insurance with the mandatory coverages under the law Motor Vehicle Liability with free driving;

  • Review of DMV offices in good standing.

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Membership on Auting is free and verified. The platform adopts verification procedures to ensure that it is a safe and reliable environment for all users, providing a worry-free experience for both Driver and Owner.

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