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Peer-to-peer Car sharing: search for your car in Turin

Auting, Car Sharing in Turin

Welcome to the fascinating city of Turin, a center of culture and history located in the heart of Piedmont. If you are planning to discover the wonders of this regal city, peer-to-peer car sharing presents itself as an excellent choice for exploring with convenience and flexibility. Turin, known for its elegant Baroque palaces, spacious squares and world-renowned museums, has certainly not remained with its mind in the past; on the contrary, its citizens are looking straight to the future. The proof is the growing habit of car sharing. How do they do it?

They rely on Auting, the all-Italian peer-to-peer car sharing platform that has been active since 2017 throughout the country. For those unfamiliar with this service, peer-to-peer car sharing is the sharing of a car by one private citizen to another private citizen for one or more days in exchange for a fee. This service is possible thanks to companies such as Auting, which specifically has developed kasko insurance with Reale Mutua to make sharing safe. Try to register your car and test the service or find additional information here.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a vehicle for your commute, you will be interested to know that peer-to-peer car sharing offers cheaper prices than car rental in Turin, especially in the high season. Another advantage is undoubtedly the lack of limit of hours of sharing, which can be even several days and in addition the lack of geographical limits. This service is active throughout Italy and you can find it in the center or suburbs of Turin, but also in Milan or Genoa. Read on to learn how Auting can accompany you every step of the way, making your stay in Turin an unforgettable and personalized experience.

Explore Turin with Ease: Your Guide to Car Sharing with Auting

Turin, a fascinating city with a rich history and a vibrant present, is a jewel of northern Italy that deserves to be explored. Auting’s Peer-to-peer Car sharing offers a flexible and convenient way to discover its many attractions. Here are some of the best areas in Turin to pick up a car sharing car and start your adventure.

Old Town: The heart of Turin, with its magnificent palaces and historic squares, is an ideal area to start by finding a peer-to-peer car share. You will find numerous cars available that will allow you to move easily from one point to another in the city.

Porta Nuova Station: for those arriving in Turin by train, this station car sharing in Turin Porta Nuova is an ideal tool for combining a train ride along with the convenience of a private car. With Auting, you can book a vehicle in advance and start exploring the city right away.

Porta Susa Station:
For those arriving in Turin by high-speed train, booking car sharing in Turin Porta Susa is definitely a smart way to plan your visit to Piedmont.

Vanchiglia and Aurora: These neighborhoods, not far from the center, are also perfect areas for those who wish to immerse themselves in Turin’s artistic and creative atmosphere.

San Salvario: Known for its nightlife and ethnic restaurants, San Salvario is a great area to take a car with Auting, especially for those who want to explore the city late into the evening.

Crocetta and Lingotto: These areas, a bit quieter than downtown, still offer a good choice of car sharing cars. They are close to major attractions such as the Lingotto exhibition center and the Automobile Museum.

Valentino Park: Near the Po River, Valentino Park is one of the most beautiful green areas in Turin. Here, you can easily find cars available with Auting, ideal for a day of relaxation and nature.

Borgo Po and Collina Torinese: If you want to explore the more scenic part of Turin, these areas offer access to many car sharing cars. Perfect for those who want to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and river.

In conclusion, Turin offers several practical areas to take a car sharing car, allowing you to explore the city in a comfortable and personal way or go on a trip out of town.

What to do in Turin.

Turin, unique for its elegant architecture and rich industrial history, is a city that offers a wide range of cultural, artistic and culinary experiences. Here is an itinerary to best discover this fascinating city in northern Italy.

1. Stroll through Piazza Castello: Start your visit from the heart of Turin, Piazza Castello, surrounded by some of the city’s most important historic buildings, including Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Reale. The square is a great starting point for exploring the historic center.

2. Behold the Mole Anton elliana: An icon of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana is home to the National Cinema Museum. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece, and the panoramic view from its top is not to be missed.

3. Explore the Egyptian Museum: One of the most important museums of its kind in the world, the Egyptian Museum in Turin houses an extraordinary collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including mummies, sarcophagi and the famous Statuary.

4. Relax in Valentino Park: Located along the banks of the Po River, Valentino Park is the perfect place for a peaceful walk or picnic. Don’t miss the reconstruction of a medieval Piedmontese village within the park.

5. Visit the Automobile Museum: Turin is the cradle of the Italian automobile industry. The Automobile Museum tells the story of the car with a collection ranging from the earliest models to the most modern.

6. Discover the Piedmontese Cuisine: Piedmontese gastronomy is world-renowned. Enjoy local specialties such as bollito misto, tajarin, tramezzini, and, of course, the famous gianduiotti chocolates.

7. Stroll along Via Roma and Via Garibaldi: These two streets are the heart of shopping in Turin, perfect for a stroll among fashion stores, historic bookstores and traditional cafes.

8. Visit the Basilica of Superga: Located on a hilltop overlooking the city, the Basilica of Superga offers breathtaking views of Turin and the Alps. It can be reached by a historic rack-and-pinion tramway.

9. Enjoy a Turin Aperitivo: Aperitivo is an evening tradition in Turin. Stop at one of the city’s many bars to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail accompanied by appetizers.

10. Explore the Roman Quadrilateral: This ancient neighborhood is full of narrow streets, hidden squares, artisan stores and trendy clubs, making it the perfect place for a night out.

11. Visit the Palace of Venaria: One of the Savoy residences, the Palace of Venaria is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture, with beautiful gardens and frescoed rooms.

12. Discover the Porta Palazzo Markets: Porta Palazzo is home to Europe’s largest open-air market, a lively place to find fresh produce, street food and items of all kinds.

In conclusion, Turin is a city that enchants with its elegance and liveliness. Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, a foodie or simply looking for new experiences, Turin has much to offer all visitors.

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“Great experience. Roberto’s car was very convenient for a one day trip around the Itria valley. Roberto himself was very friendly, helpful, punctual, and made everything easy for us to take back the car at the time that best suited us.”

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Insurance coverages

Damage, theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster, crystal, malus reimbursement.

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From €0, full coverage included in the booking fee, up to a maximum of €500.

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Cab service, return train/airplane ticket or overnight stay included.

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Car transport service to the nearest affiliated body shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Auting connects those who need a car for a short time (Driver) with those who have a little-used car they want to make available (Owner).

You can sign up using your Facebook account or by using your e-mail. Once you have created your account and verified your identity through your cell phone number, you can make your car available. You will not be able to enter other people’s data or your account will be deleted and you will not be covered by insurance. In the case of couples or households, each person must have his or her own personal account.

Vehicles must mandatorily have all of the following requirements:

  • Code Own Use (short/long-term rental or leased cars are not accepted unless specifically authorized by the long-term renter) weighing less than 3.5 T, which can carry a maximum of 9 persons and less than 13 cubic meters total volume. RVs are not accepted.

  • Registration in Italy within 15 years including the current year;

  • Insurance with the mandatory coverages under the law Motor Vehicle Liability with free driving;

  • Review of DMV offices in good standing.

Auting connects individuals looking for a car (Driver) and those who make their cars available (Owner) for free and in a verified manner. How does enrollment and verification take place?

Membership in Auting is free of charge. The platform offers an enrollment option with no hidden costs, providing easy and convenient access for Drivers and Owners.

Membership on Auting is free and verified. The platform adopts verification procedures to ensure that it is a safe and reliable environment for all users, providing a worry-free experience for both Driver and Owner.

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